How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

New Insights from FICO's 2017 Banking Survey

FICO recently completed a survey of 1,012 US adult consumers who are actively involved in financial decision making. From this data, we have identified the key ingredients to create better customer experiences and drive stronger and longer-lasting relationships.

Level Up

IDC Workbook: Customer Decisioning to Compete and Comply

Market leaders are moving from siloed, account-level decisions to intelligent, customer-level decisions. This transformation requires the right data, analytics, and technology. More importantly, it requires the right partner. Is your organization ready?

FICO Decisions Awards

Showcase your innovation and results

We’re looking for great customer success stories for the 2017 awards program – from AI to fraud to customer management


90% of top U.S. lenders use FICO Scores when making lending decisions — and for good reason.

FICO Scores evaluate the information in credit reports with a complex algorithm that’s been perfected over 50 years by FICO.  Get your FICO Scores and credit reports from all three credit bureaus and start to understand how lenders are evaluating your credit health.



To make smarter decisions

More information allows for more precise decisions. FICO analytics use available data to produce the best decisions possible. FICO's proven science leverages the latest technology to drive consumer behavior insights and optimize business processes.


Taking analytics into the cloud.

The FICO Analytic Cloud combines FICO’s market-leading applications, decision management tools, and analytics authoring capabilities to bring you all of the analytics horsepower you expect from FICO in a robust and secure self-service cloud infrastructure. Together with FICO’s communities and marketplace, the FICO Analytic Cloud is your source for analytics innovation and collaboration.


BMW Speeds Customer Communications


BMW helps more than 1 million BMW customers select and maintain financing options, protect their vehicles and make the transition to a new car.  In order to properly represent their brand, BMW sought to develop a more tailored telephone contact with customers while driving retention and enriching the customer experience.  

Read more about how BMW chose FICO® Customer Communication Services to offer personalized leasing and financing options to BMW customers.