On January 13th 2015, FICO announced that it had acquired TONBELLER, an innovator in risk-based financial crime prevention and compliance. This acquisition brings together two industry pioneers to address the rapidly growing demand for integrated, enterprise-class financial crime and compliance solutions.

TONBELLER is an innovative provider of financial crime and compliance solutions for more than 1,000 banks and commercial organizations worldwide. TONBELLER’s risk-based approach to such issues as anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer imperatives, coupled with its highly configurable solution, offers optimal adherence to compliance regulations while offering flexibility and rapid implementations, lowering overall costs.

The combination of FICO and TONBELLER brings together the essential components of a uniquely comprehensive financial crime and compliance solution, enabling enterprise-wide visibility, flexibility and operational control to all stakeholders. This solution will speak directly to the needs of CROs and CCOs in large commercial organizations and in financial institutions of all sizes.

For more information, see our news release, read the documents below, or contact your FICO or TONBELLER representative. More information about TONBELLER can be found at

Presentation on the combination of FICO and Tonbeller
News release on the acquisition of Tonbeller
Letter to clients from Will Lansing, CEO FICO
Letter to partners from Will Lansing, CEO FICO