FICO Acquisitions

  • DynaMark 1992
  • Credit & Risk Management Associates 1996
  • Risk Management Technologies 1997
  • Prevision 1997
  • Nykamp Consulting Group 2001
  • HNC Software 2002
  • NAREX 2003
  • Diversified Healthcare Services 2003
  • Seurat 2003
  • Braun Consulting 2004
  • London Bridge 2004
  • RulesPower 2005
  • Dash Optimization 2008
  • CR Software 2012
  • Entiera 2012
  • Adeptra 2012
  • Infoglide 2013
  • InfoCentricity 2014
  • Karmasphere 2014
  • TONBELLER 2015
  • QuadMetrics 2016



FICO Acquires QuadMetrics

On June 14, 2016, FICO announced the acquisition of QuadMetrics, an innovative cyber risk security scoring company from Ann Arbor, Michigan. QuadMetrics leverages predictive analytics to monitor signals from open source and proprietary data sources to provide an overall security score for an enterprise, helping security professionals address gaps and enabling partners and insurers to understand a firm’s security risk. The transaction has closed, and terms have not been disclosed. Read more




On January 13th 2015, FICO announced that it had acquired TONBELLER, an innovator in risk-based financial crime prevention and compliance. This acquisition brings together two industry pioneers to address the rapidly growing demand for integrated, enterprise-class financial crime and compliance solutions. Read more



FICO Acquires InfoCentricity

On March 13, 2014, FICO announced its intention to acquire InfoCentricity, a private, software-as-a-service-based predictive analytics software company based in Novato, California. The transaction is expected to close in April, 2014, upon satisfaction of typical closing conditions. Read more



FICO Acquires Adeptra

On August 16, FICO announced that it is acquiring Adeptra, a leader in cloud-based customer engagement and risk intervention solutions. The transaction is expected to be completed in September. Read more



FICO Acquires CR Software

On November 26, FICO announced that has acquired CR Software LLC, a leading provider of enterprise-class collections and recovery (C&R) solutions for credit issuers, government organizations, collection agencies, retailers, healthcare providers and other enterprises. The transaction has closed. Read more



FICO Acquires Infoglide

On April 1, 2013, FICO announced that it had acquired Infoglide Software, a leading provider of entity resolution and social network analysis solutions, used primarily to improve fraud detection, security and compliance. The transaction is closed. Read more



FICO Acquires Entiera

On May 8, FICO announced acquisition of Entiera Inc., an innovative provider of customer dialogue management solutions. Read more