Taking analytics into the cloud

Customer data is more widely available than ever, but leveraging data to drive smarter decisions requires new thinking and a new kind of agility.  As companies develop strategies for both cloud computing and for using Big Data to improve customer relationships, a flexible cloud-based Decision Management platform becomes essential.

The Platform

Cloud computing presents a tremendous opportunity for customers considering how to best leverage the power of Big Data and analytics throughout their organizations.  Cloud technologies allow for the seamless online delivery of applications and capabilities with only minimal IT support.  Cloud delivery makes it easier to test and integrate analytics technologies and ultimately leverage business data to dramatically improve customer relationships. 

By leveraging Big Data, cloud computing, and the increasing proliferation of mobile devices, FICO introduced a one-of-a-kind FICO Decision Management Suite.  Businesses can instantly access FICO’s advanced analytic tools in the cloud to build, customize, configure and deploy solutions that improve their business decisions.  Available in the cloud or as an on-premises implementation the FICO Decision Management Suite is flexible, interoperable and promotes open technologies and standards.

The FICO Decision Management Suite allows businesses to dramatically improve end customer intimacy by both knowing what customers want and evolve or respond quickly to changes in marketplace, business strategy and customer buying behaviors. 

Connect to and leverage streaming Big Data from the most diverse range of data regardless of data source, velocity, variety or volume.

Data Management

Data by itself has no value.  To extract value, businesses need a solution to help them extract, align, and distill what's important and quickly determine analytical lessons.  To do this businesses need a solution to continuously ingest, analyze, transform and winnow large and growing amounts of data from disparate sources into something that aligns to the discrete purposes of their unique analytic processes. 

The FICO Decision Management Platform Streaming Solution provides an optimized data ingestion solution to connect to and leverage streaming Big Data from the most diverse range of data regardless of data source, velocity, variety or volume.  


Finding the needle in the haystack has long been a challenge in data rich environments.  Businesses long saddled with business intelligence solutions can create beautiful charts and graphs but knowing how much business you did last quarter or how customer demand is growing in Asia does not provide real time and predictive insight nor does it provide a direction or prescription for how to engage with your customers in a profitable or mutually beneficial manner. 

Insight is the ability to use data and measurable customer behaviors to improve your understanding, your awareness and your interactions with your customers.  To create a meaningful (and profitable) relationship with your customers is the way in which you will differentiate your business and be successful in a Big Data world.  FICO can show you how…

Dramatically shorten the time to develop and deliver analytically powered applications—up to 10 times faster than traditional approaches—that are secure, mobile-ready and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.


Creating insights and prescriptive decisions is only the half way mark to true analytically powered customer engagement.  These analytically derived offers, decisions, and optimal outcomes still need to be delivered to end users or customers in real time to provide an empowered engagement.  The ability to quickly create applications or customer engagement mechanism is at the heart of a truly agile decision management solution.

By integrating the development and deployment tools into the FICO Decision Management Suite, FICO has revolutionized the delivery of decision management solutions by unifying the ingestion and wrangling of data, the creating of analytic models, the development of optimized decisioning and prescriptive analytics to the development and deployment of analytically powered applications.  In doing this FICO has dramatically improved the insight to offer time-to-market.


The most important and often forgotten part of an analytic lifecycle is the learning loop.  For every analytic insight and prescriptive offer there is a customer response.  These responses further fine tune future offers and provide unique insights into customer behaviors and future predilections. 

Adapting analytics based on better data, creating the learning loops and integrating machine learning is a science; adaptation evolves analytics into decision science.  This is a critical component that differentiates FICO’s approach to analytics and decision management solutions delivery.  It is also at the heart of the FICO Decision Management Suite. 

FICO’s analytic learning loop provides timely, constant feedback on the performance of analytics and decision strategies so you can fine tune future offers, better predict consumer behavior and continually improve your business performance.

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