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Drive profitability with FICO’s auto financing analytics


Because of the financial crisis, auto industry profits have been in the slow lane. With FICO’s analytics-driven software, lenders are gearing up for faster growth.

FICO’s complete auto lending solutions portfolio reliably and consistently minimize the data, time, and expense of assessing applicants’ credit risk. Analytics, scoring, decision management, and campaign management tools help lenders:

  • Analyze profit management, beginning with originations
  • Fine-tune credit-risk decisions
  • Provide financing
  • Profitably manage accounts

Boost bottom line.  After loans have been made, FICO’s analytically-powered debt management 
software helps lenders manage early-stage delinquencies, boost recoveries, and collect more— quickly.


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Auto Company Drives Profitability Through Real-Time Alternative Deal Structuring

When car dealerships have interested customers who are ready to purchase vehicles, nothing is more frustrating than struggling to structure the right deals—ones that maximize profitability, fit the risk parameters of the lender and satisfy buyers. This was the challenge for a large auto finance company, which was forced to reject too many prospective buyers who could have been profitably financed if the deals had been structured properly.  

The company wanted to ensure that the maximum number of customers walked out the doors of its dealerships with deals in hand. However, its credit analysts generated too many credit exceptions, which reduced profitability. That practice also created inconsistencies among individual dealerships, reducing risk manager monitoring effectiveness and putting the company at risk of predatory lending practice accusations.