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Risk & Compliance Real-Time Risk-Aware Marketing As A Service

Real-Time Risk-Aware Marketing Now Within Reach of Mid-Market Lenders

Imagine the following scenario. Tom bought an expensive house pre-GFC but then lost his well-paid job and has been struggling with the mortgage ever since. He goes online to his small state bank and up pops a home equity line-of-credit marketing offer. It’s an offer he finds pretty insulting given he is underwater on the existing loan and was just talking to the collections team a few hours ago. Mismatched offers like these hurt the customer experience and waste the efforts of lending organizations and their risk and marketing teams. While larger banks have been able to solve a lot of these problems for many years, they have been spending many millions of dollars to do so. Rolling out intelligent, risk-aware marketing informed by their own customer data or external sources such as credit scores has been complicated and expensive. Today however, a confluence of technology advances and deployment in... [Read More]

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