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Risk & Compliance Long-Term Customers: The Indirect Auto Finance Opportunity

The Indirect Auto Finance Opportunity: Long-Term Customers

Most auto loans booked by banks are originated through indirect channels like Dealertrack and RouteOne, but how many of those new auto loan customers end up becoming long-term customers? Not enough. Banks competing in the indirect auto lending channel can’t stop once they successfully book the loan. That is just the beginning. Banks spend a lot of money to win auto indirect loan customers—from investments in automated decisioning technology that can turn around credit decisions in seconds to special pricing and promotions that will help customers afford the car of their dreams. However, these investments do not guarantee a relationship with the customer that last longer than the term of their new auto loan. So how can banks transform these investments into a sustainable return for their business? We believe it is by applying specific best practices that build relationships with customers that will extend far beyond the terms of... [Read More]

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Risk & Compliance Identifying Tax Fraud through Social Network Analysis

Tax Fraud: Finding the hidden connections

Social Network Analysis (SNA) tools hold the potential to help tax and revenue agencies identify non-compliance and tax fraud.  These tools have been proven to be effective in fraud detection¹, but to date haven’t been utilized to any large degree at tax agencies.  This blog describes what an SNA tool is, and how it can be utilized at a tax agency. Social Networking Analysis Explained SNA is an analytic approach of correlating people, entities and relationships to determine how tightly an individual or business is related to others who have known compliance issues.  These relationships can be from shared phone numbers, physical addresses, bank accounts, credit cards, or any other connection that is available through data capture.  The results of the SNA can show the risk that a specific individual or business presents, based on their relationship with others who have known issues within the network.  As can be seen... [Read More]

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