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Risk & Compliance CECL for Auto Finance – Where Do I Start?

CECL for Auto - 21 Months to Go

Countdown to Competitive Advantage If you are working in auto finance, you are no doubt aware that new accounting rules are being introduced to improve the forward-looking estimate of expected credit losses on loans and leases. CECL, or the Current Expected Credit Loss model, has been designed to ensure earlier recognition of credit losses to do all we can to avoid a repeat of the GFC experience. Having a canary in the coalmine is something we should all embrace. The main challenge with CECL is that it will require higher levels of capital to be kept in reserve and lead to changes in lending practices and portfolio and product management. It will also require a significant amount of work to meet the implementation deadline of 15 December 2019, which is now less than 21 months away. Based on our experience with global clients working to comply with IFRS 9, this... [Read More]

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