Ever wonder how Aiful automated its collection efforts

and shifted 80% of customers to self-serve?

Improving collections results with automated customer communications services

Meet Aiful

Based in Kyoto, Japan, Aiful Corporation is one of the largest Japanese consumer finance companies operating more than 800 branches and subsidiaries specializing in consumer credit, small business loans, venture capital, loan servicing and credit guarantees.  

Aiful wanted to free call center agents to make more valuable contributions to the organization while maintaining high levels of customer experience.  Learn how Aiful improved collections results and customer experience with an automated collections communication system. 

Aiful Corporation Improves Customer Experience Using Smart Automation in Collections

A More Successful Collection Experience

" We have been able to leverage automated voice best practices to match the cure rate that a human call can achieve, and at a lower cost to collect."
Shinichiro Okuyama, Executive Officer,
Aiful Corporation

A More Successful Collection Experience

  • Achieved a cost-to-collect reduction in line with FICO’s global benchmark
  • Matched the cure rate of human agents and in some challenger tests collected slightly more
  • Found that 80% of contacts who hear the reason for the call proceed to selfserve without the need to speak to an agent
  • Learned that only 0.5% of attempted contacts need to speak with an agent
  • Handled peak volumes without additional staff

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“We have been able to leverage automated voice best practices to match the cure rate that a human call can achieve, and at a lower cost to collect.”

Shinichiro Okuyama, Executive Officer,
Aiful Corporation

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