Ever wonder how Capital Services continues to provide

innovative services to over 750,000 accounts nationwide?

The potential of FICO® Score 9 & FICO® Score Open Access

Meet Capital Services

Capital Services provides analytics, financial modeling, compliance, conduit technology and servicing for financial institutions nationwide in the US. 

What differentiates Capital Services is their ability to originate for their clients.  They explain why they’ve chosen to work with FICO to examine the new FICO® Score 9 and FICO® Score Open Access program for their clients. 

Differentiation as an Early Adopter

Capital Services, a leading payment portfolio management and servicing company, originates and manages card assets and provides payments services for over 750,000 accounts nationwide.

How to differentiate your score card strategies from others? FICO Score 9 comes in as the most current, predictive credit score with a better methodology for handling medical debt and that appealed to Capital Services. A different approach that blends well with their custom models – working together to originate and manage the portfolio with this predictive-power advantage.

FICO Score 9 Product Sheet

Building Better Customer Relationships

A refined and more nuanced way to assess consumer medical debt and collection information plus basing decisions on post-recession consumer behavior is ensuring Capitals’ clients have the most up-to-date, robust and predictive risk model available – while providing new levels of positive customer service.

Offering customer access to their FICO Score through the FICO Score Open Access program adds a new level of engagement and transparency.

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