Ever wonder how Infosistema developed

a new insurance solution in only eight weeks?

Using decisioning to personalize customer experience

Meet Infosistema

Infosistema is a business and technology firm providing mobile apps, business process solutions and analytics to banking and insurance customers; based in Portugal.

Infosistema partnered with FICO to bring an analytic based insurance solution to market in only eight weeks as part of the product development process.  This new insurance solution allows the business user to react and respond quickly and make strategy changes based on market conditions.  Business users can design, maintain and control decisions as well as check decision strategy outcomes – with visual dashboards.  

Infosistema and FICO® Build Industry Expertise into a Powerful Decisioning Solution for Insurance

Client: Infosistema, a key FICO partner, is a business and technology consultancy based in Algés, Portugal. The company has more than 120 employees working on projects around the world.
Challenge: Infosistema and FICO wanted to build a solution that would help insurance companies create a personalized experience for each prospect and customer.
Solution: FICO® Strategy Director
Results: Powerful, flexible and customizable auto insurance pricing and life insurance underwriting decision-making solutions, with advanced simulation capabilities, developed in eight weeks.

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“We wanted to build a solution that would allow business users to define, design, maintain and control the entire decision-flow process.”

Alexandre Lee, Partner and
Board Member, Infosistema

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