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10,000 drivers from hurting their credit?

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Toyota Financial Services reduced auto loan delinquencies and repossessions by providing payment options that are profitable to the business and address customer preferences with a Collections Treatment Optimization solution powered by FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite and FICO® Model Builder. During its first year, the CTO program helped more than 1,600 customers avoid repossession and stay in their cars, and prevented 10,000 customers from reaching a stage of delinquency that would affect their credit. The program also helped grow the lending portfolio by 9% without adding collections headcount.

Toyota Financial Services

For Toyota Financial Services (TFS), which provides auto financing to more than four million US customers, debt collection historically had been an ongoing challenge. Heavy-handed approaches meant that people could suffer credit score damage or lose their cars entirely; on the flip side, uncollected debt would hurt the bottom line.

TFS turned to a collections treatment solution powered by FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite and FICO® Model Builder to infuse statistical and predictive modeling, forecasting, advanced segmentation and optimization into a single framework to simulate multiple scenarios and deploy the optimal strategy into production. The bottom line was quick ROI that kept thousands of customers in their cars and allowed TFS to grow their portfolio without adding collections headcount.

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“Working with delinquent customers to keep them in their cars while working out payment options has helped Toyota avoid millions of dollars in losses.”

Jim Bander, National Manager for Decision Science
Toyota Financial Services

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