This course will familiarize attendees with optimization models and techniques, and the terminology used to describe them. Participants will gain an understanding of the Xpress suite, the Mosel modeling and programming language, and will get familiarized with Xpress-IVE. Furthermore, they will learn to implement optimization models and techniques using Xpress Optimization Suite through a series of projects that illustrate applications of the LP and MIP methods. Upon completion, participants will: be able to formulate, implement, and solve LP and MIP optimization models; understand problem solutions and analyze infeasible problems; know how to embed optimization models within an application/solution using software components of the Xpress Optimization Suite; understand how to solve goal programming problems; get acquainted with common standard model formulations; and know how to use Mosel language to implement heuristic algorithms. 



This class provides students with a solid foundation for developing their first Blaze Advisor™ system enabled application. Included within this class are sections devoted to rule writing, rule authoring, and rule deployment.