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High Tech

FICO can also help tech companies gain more control over financial operations from suppliers around the world.

The power of FICO analytics and decision management technologies can be used by high tech manufacturers to optimize operations, automate decisions and extract more marketing value from Big Data.

  • Big Data Analytics

    FICO helps high tech manufacturers succeed by combining powerful, innovative software with predictive analytics to discover key signals hidden in Big Data, innovative software with predictive analytics, to discover hidden signals in Big Data.

    Decision Application Development & Management for High Tech

    Optimizing the operations and the production facilities of high tech manufacturers using decision management tools for better decision making.

  • Customer Originations

    Tools that enable you to consistently process more good credit agreements.

    Originations for High Tech

    Advanced software to help high tech manufacturers succeed under the pressure to make faster, smarter decisions to extend leasing to customers and suppliers.

  • Debt Management

    Centralize your collections organization and establish best practices using tools to designed to boost your bottom line performance.

    Collections and Recovery for High Tech

    FICO offers an integrated set of technologies, keeping a sharp eye on potential delinquencies, reducing the processing costs of collections and recovery, and increasing payments using advanced strategy development

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