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Retail Analytics

Boost Sales Using Predictive Analytics

FICO helps retailers match the best product offers to in-store or online shoppers, and shape persuasive communications across multiple channels to increase sales, profits and customer engagement.

Customer Engagement
  • Big Data Analytics

    Successful retailers know that Big Data is nothing without Big Analytics—the know-how to turn new data sources into something of meaningful value. That’s the value that FICO delivers.

    Offer Optimization for Retail

    Helping retailers identify customers’ purchasing patterns to deliver highly personalized, relevant customer offers right when they are most likely to act on them.

    Decision Application Development and Management for Retail

    Create your own powerful Decision Management applications using sophisticated software for business rules management, model development and optimization

  • Customer Growth & Retention

    Make sure your online current and prospective customers receive the right discount and other special offers on the products they want and need, and keep them coming back.

    Campaign Management for Retail

    A multi-channel marketing platform that enables marketers to design, execute and manage precisely-timed and targeted campaigns that engage customers across all channels based on their known interactions and preferences.

    Automated Customer Communications for Retail

    Reach customers at the right time, via the right channel, for time sensitive issues or offers (suspect transactions or missed payments on store cards, or limited short term offers) by intelligently automating customer communications (voice, text, e-mail, mobile apps).

  • Customer Originations

    Safely encourage customers to increase purchases with a payment card offering the right pricing, terms, and programs that suit you and your customer.

    Origination Solutions for Retail

    Offering several industry-leading technologies helping retailers effectively manage risk and extend credit to their customers.

  • Debt Management

    Centralize your organization and establish best collections practices using tools to designed to boost your bottom line performance.

    Collections & Recovery for Retail

    Prioritize collections by knowing how to queue accounts by level of risk, and how to best contact and communicate with late payers.

  • Fraud & Security

    Incremental approaches enable retail bankers to address constantly evolving fraud needs as they develop and protect their bottom line.

    Credit Card Fraud Prevention for Retail

    Fight fraud on store credit card accounts. FICO helps retailers make smarter automated decisions that protect profitability without compromising customer satisfaction.

    Returns Fraud and Abuse for Retail

    Detect fraudulent returns in real time using powerful analytics, and to help investigators efficiently manage cases.

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