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Energy Industry

Optimizing the Energy Industry

FICO Energy Solutions

Today, the decisions energy providers make about production and supply are critical. That’s why they must base those decisions on the best available data, and the best analysis of that data. FICO can help.

Making sound energy decisions means striking a balance between so many considerations—business profitability, environmental consequences, supply management, resource viability, consumer and market demands. Tapping into vast amounts of data, FICO decision management technology and expertise clarifies the complications.

We help energy providers know how to reliably incorporate unpredictable sources, like solar and wind, into their supply flow. Gain insight into when and where their next outage is likely to occur. Turn smart meter data into insight and actions that benefit customers’ wallets, as well as your supply/demand management. And address many other decisions.

Helping Energy Companies Draw Insight from the Power of Data Analytics and Optimization

Energy Forecasting

Get insight into the reliability of supply, and the indications of peak demand and price scalability.

  • Demand and load forecasting
  • Energy pricing forecasting

Regulatory Compliance

Learn how you can work with EPA and other guidelines without impeding your profitability.

  • Greenhouse gas reductions
  • Industry regulation and
  • Energy spillage
  • Energy trading and hedging

Big Data Management

Start broadening your access to data, improving data organization, and gaining deeper insights into operations and customers.

  • Data collection
  • Data consolidation
  • Data profiling
  • Data access through the FICO
    Analytic Cloud

Production and Distribution Analytics

Turn data into actions to improve the profitability of business strategies, operational management, and customer service.

  • Control the network (production, transportation,
    distribution, storage)
  • Manage decisions and strategies
  • Asset maintenance optimization
  • Smart meter installation optimization to acquire
    customers and drive energy efficiency
  • Outage detection

Customer Management

Gain greater control over risk of fraud and non-payment, while better connecting with customers for greater efficiency and profitability.

  • Fraud management
  • Collections management
  • Segmentation
  • Campaign management
  • Rewards programs for energy efficiency