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  • What is this blog about?
    The Banking Analytics Blog shares new research, analytic best practices, industry trends and commentary in banking, including for risk management, fraud, marketing and collections. Bloggers also provide insights into new regulations and answer burning questions around analytics in banking.
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    Who is this blog for?
    The Banking Analytics Blog is a B2B blog for bankers and those who follow the industry. It is written for anyone who wants to learn from our FICO Labs researchers and other experts in fraud, mortgage lending, bankcard, auto lending and retail banking.

  • What is this blog about?
    The FICO Labs blog focuses on innovation, technology and the role of analytic sciences in today’s business world. We’ll share our perspectives, vision, successes and challenges in the areas of predictive analytics, Big Data, decision optimization, cloud computing and Big Marketing.
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    Who is this blog for?
    The FICO Labs blog is a destination for IT executives, line of business managers, technologists and data scientists who want access to the latest thinking from FICO Labs experts at the forefront of Big Data analytics and decision management trends.