Understanding the True Total Cost of Ownership of Collections and Recovery Platforms

Acquiring a new collections or recovery platform involves a certain amount of risk for an organization. Most businesses that are considering a change understand that the upfront cost of a platform isn’t the only price they will pay over its lifetime of use. Generalizing about the total cost of ownership (TCO) during the cost analysis process can be a common practice— especially because of the obvious benefit a new system will have for a business. However, organizations that don’t take
the time to understand how to manage long-term costs are doing themselves a disservice. Given that a majority of the costs associated with new technology platforms typically aren’t visible upfront, organizations should consider doing a comprehensive TCO analysis to determine the potential impacts to their return on investment. At a minimum, learning about the common areas where costs are often incurred can be helpful to keeping TCO down.

This Executive Brief shares insights about how to avoid unplanned expenses that can add to the TCO of a collections and recovery platform. It is intended to inform organizations about ways to make better vendor decisions while avoiding common pitfalls.

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