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Apr 2014
Fraud & Security
Mar 2014
Real-Time Analytics: Power Weapon in War on Payment Fraud

Losses on US credit cards, as a percentage of credit card sales, have been cut by 70% since real-time anti-fraud analytics were introduced in 1992

Fraud & Security
Jan 2014
The Mobile Banking Revolution

Getting it right can drive big benefits for both bank and customer.

Customer Growth & Retention
Jan 2014
FICO® Model Builder—Guide to navigating big data

Turns large & complex data into predictive models that map the path to ever-improving business performance.

Big Data AnalyticsDecision Application Development & Management
Dec 2013
Fraud & Security
Aug 2013
Anatomy of a Data Scientist

So what makes a good data scientist?

Big Data Analytics
Jul 2013
The Analytics Big Bang

Predictive analytics reaches critical mass as Big Data and new technologies collide

Big Data Analytics

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