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Oct 2014

No. 81

Big Data: Overhyped or Underexploited?

Six analytic practices that extract more value and amplify performance

Sep 2014

No. 80

Does AI + Big Data = Business Gain?

The practical payoffs from analytics that “think” like humans

Aug 2014

No. 79

Five Keys to Out-Pricing (Not Under-Pricing) Competitors

Embedding customer-centric pricing power into your operational DNA

Jun 2014

No. 78

Customer Centricity: Four Bank Success Stories

Using predictive analytics and decision management to put customers at center stage

May 2014

No. 77

Solving the Catch-22 in Small Business Credit

Use analytics and decision automation to balance risk, cost and compliance for more profitable originations

Apr 2014

No. 76

Harnessing the Speech Analytics Advantage

How split-second analysis of conversations can boost compliance and performance

Feb 2014

No. 75

Satisfying Customers and Regulators: Five Imperatives

Focus on customer experience to increase compliance and relationship value

Jan 2014

No. 74

Cloud Democratizes Access to Big Data Analytics

Every organization can discover and act on analytic insights to deliver superior service

Dec 2013

No. 73

Marketing Mythbusting—Six Maxims Get Put to the Test

Make sure you're allocating finite resources based on sound assumptions

Nov 2013

No. 72

Best Practices for Preventing Data Breaches

Minimize fraud risk with smart preemptive measures

Oct 2013

No. 71

Extracting Value from Unstructured Data

Text analytics discover new predictive customer insights in a major source of untapped data

Sep 2013

No. 70

To Score or Not to Score?

Research explores the minimum amount of data required to build accurate, reliable credit scores

Jul 2013

No. 69

Is It Fraud? Or New Behavior?

Innovative streaming analytics anticipate customer behavior and interpret what change means

Jun 2013

No. 68

Building “Ability to Pay”-Compliant Growth Strategies

The CARD Act’s income provision poses a lasting challenge for issuers to comply without sacrificing profit goals

Apr 2013

No. 67

When Is Big Data the Way to Customer Centricity?

Next-generation analytic learning finds critical insights in an ocean of false clues

Feb 2013

No. 66

Five Imperatives in a Shifting Collections Landscape

As widespread technological, social and economic changes pose challenges, best practices must advance

Jan 2013

No. 65

Is Growing Student Loan Debt Impacting Credit Risk?

New research shows that student loan debt has increased dramatically and student loans are riskier than before

Dec 2012

No. 64

Can Fraud Alerts Raise Customer Loyalty?

Stop fraud faster while building trust by better managing the customer experience

Nov 2012

No. 63

From Big Data to Big Marketing: Seven Essentials

Best practices for performing data-driven personalized marketing at an immense scale

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