Webinar with Information Management: Less Artificial, More Intelligence – The Future of Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere these days, but most businesses have not cracked the code on how to use AI to drive competitive advantage or leverage their Big Data. AI is now less 'artificial', making it practical to weave these sophisticated technologies into business processes and everyday work life. However, there is still a need for AI to be more 'intelligent' – helping organizations achieve the previously impossible, whether it's in fraud detection or manufacturing automation. 

Listen to this webinar and learn more about:

  • How organizations can extract the 'intelligence' in AI 
  • The common pitfalls in trying to exploit AI 
  • What is needed to fully leverage AI to drive competitive advantage 
  • The new analytic techniques and innovations currently being used by forward-looking organizations today

Moderator: Jim Ericson, Consultant, Editor Emeritus, Information Management 
Speaker: Scott Zoldi, Chief Analytics Officer, FICO 

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