Security Scoring - New Methods to Evaluate the Security Risk of Your Vendors and Partners

Your organization carries the risk of network vulnerabilities introduced by your business partners’ networks - vulnerabilities that extend beyond the direct control of your IT department. In general, organizations lack a standard, trusted mechanism to vet potential partners and monitor the security risk exposure of existing partners. While security reviews, surveys, and questionnaires may be employed, these tools only provide a static view of a partner’s security posture, not a behavior-based assessment of future risk. In this webinar, we discuss:

  • The need for a common standard and independent validation of partner security performance
  • The concept of security scoring and why predictive analytics are a critical tool in assessing partner security risk
  • The components of an analytically-derived security score
  • How companies can use a strong security score as a competitive differentiator when pursuing new partner opportunities
  • The regulatory pressures that are driving the adoption of security scoring

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