Answering Customer Questions About the FICO® Score

Knowledge for the Front Lines Product Sheet

Recognizing that FICO® Score Open Access participants need to educate front-line staff with foundational knowledge to answer customer questions about FICO® Scores, FICO developed FICO® Score Education — Answering Customer Questions. This interactive e-learning course enables customer-facing employees to engage in meaningful credit education discussions with customers. FICO offers two options for providing this rich content to learners:

  • Participants can choose to have the course delivered to staff through their organization’s internal SCORM-compliant Learning Management System. FICO securely transfers the SCORM package (for free) to your organization to be loaded into your Learning Management System.
  • No SCORM-compliant Learning Management System? No problem! FICO® Score Open Access participants can leverage FICO’s hosting services to deliver this training to staff. With just a few clicks of the mouse, your staff can use FICO’s Client Learning Portal to take the course. An annual licens