FICO® Decision Management Suite for Energy and Utilities

Apply decision science to digitize and transform energy and utilities

Although new sources of energy continue to proliferate and diversify, energy and utility organization face intense pressure to drive customer-centricity and efficiency, and reduce time-to-market for new services and products. When every misstep can have exponential legal and human ramifications, businesses need to be able to demonstrate traceability and consistency at every level. With this magnitude of industry disruption, it has become critical for energy and utility companies to leverage advanced decisioning capabilities that are flexible and future-looking, while delivering the solving power and rapid deployment needed to evolve rapidly and ultimately digitize their businesses.
FICO Decision Management Suite provides a next-generation advanced analytics platform that can help any business operating within the energy and utility lifecycle transform capabilities such as demand and load forecasting, energy pricing and analysis, customer onboarding and lifecycle management, and internal operations such as predictive maintenance (AI/machine learning). Available in the cloud or on-premises, Decision Management Suite can help you can monetize your existing third party and open source analytic investments while adding critical capabilities like optimization, intelligent communications and decision modeling. It also empowers lines of business and analytic/data experts to build and deploy powerful analytic applications rapidly, with faster ROI than ever before possible.

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