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White Papers

FICO brings you in depth information regarding FICO products and solutions.

Apr 2014
FICO Falcon Platform

The industry-leading choice to reduce fraud losses and optimize the customer experience.

Fraud & Security
Mar 2014
Finding Persons of Interest Across Global Enterprise

Giving investigators greater data access and control.

Fraud & Security
Mar 2014
Closing the Loop and Eliminating Costly Delays in Analytic Development and Deployment

With FICO’s Analytic Closed- Loop Process, FICO estimates that a lending organization utilizing 10 scorecards measuring various types of behavior can see $500,000 or more in monetary benefits per year.

Customer Strategy Management
Mar 2014
Super-Powering Business Intelligence with Best-of-Breed Big Data Analytics

The Challenges of Identifying and Integrating Best-of-Breed Analytics Technologies

Feb 2014
iBPMS Special Edition Emerging Standards in Decision Modeling

Emerging Standards in Decision Modeling – an Introduction to Decision Model & Notation

Jan 2014
Mercator for FICO – EMV

EMV Adoption and its impact on fraud management worldwide.

Jan 2014
CEB Towergroup | The Lending Evolution: Preparing for Sustainable Consumer Lending Growth

An International View on Consumer Loan Origination Systems Market Update Abstract*

Dec 2013
Uncovering Bust Out Fraud with FICOIdentity Resolution Engine

How can financial institutions achieve greater control over bust-out fraud?

Dec 2013
Eight Steps to Collection and Recovery Excellence

This paper identifies eight key areas with the greatest impact on your collection and recovery success.

Collections and RecoveryDebt Management
Oct 2013
Big Data Analytics
Sep 2013
Unlocking New Doors to Collection Success

Learn how collection organizations worldwide are keeping pace with mobile customers and changing payment priorties

Collections and RecoveryDebt Management
Aug 2013
Collections and Recovery Compliance: A Call to Action

The operational environment for Collections and Recovery is changing. Are you prepared?

Collections and RecoveryDebt Management
Jul 2013
Fighting Insurance Fraud with FICO® Identity Resolution Engine

How insurers can uncover more fraud with insight on individuals and criminal rings

Enterprise Fraud & SecurityFraud & Security
Jul 2013
Safe and Sound: How the FICO® Score Helps Lenders Meet Tougher Model Regulations

How the FICO® Score helps lenders meet tougher model regulations

Jun 2013
Delivering Customer Value Faster With Big Data Analytics

Tackle the challenges of Big Data and real-time analytics with a cloud-based Decision Management Ecosystem

Big Data AnalyticsDecision Application Development & Management
May 2013
ICD-10 and Health Care Fraud Detection

ICD-10 is a diagnostic coding system implemented by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Enterprise Fraud & SecurityFraud & Security
Apr 2013
Decision Management for the Masses White Paper

New FICO technologies eliminate barriers to connected decisions

Big Data Analytics
Apr 2013
Large-Scale Marketing Campaign Optimization

Using FICO Xpress Optimization Suite to support multichannel campaign management

Customer Growth & RetentionMulti-Channel Communications
Jan 2013
The Era Of Intimate Customer Decisioning Is At Hand

Decisions based on an informed, intimate and immediate understanding of customers are the next normal

Big Data AnalyticsDecision Application Development & Management

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