Companies are increasingly turning to data and analytics for competitive advantage. But more than 70% of enterprises report struggling to achieve consistently positive results despite spending more to build, maintain and analyze ever-larger data repositories.1 This may be because they are using the wrong approach. Rather than start with data, companies should apply a decision-first approach that begins with the business objective and decision model before considering data and analytic requirements. FICO® DMN Modeler and FICO® Decision Management Suite make creating, managing and executing clear decision models faster and easier than ever before. 


Strategic decisions drive success and the process of managing, automating and improving these decisions has become crucial for companies across all industries. Decision analysis techniques help companies make smart, timely decisions and decision trees are a good example of technology that can help determine the best decision. But the technology is just one of the critical elements of a decision strategy. You have to know how to think about the problem you’re trying to solve and how to design an effective strategy. And once you have a solid strategy in place, it’s important to continue taking a fresh look at your data, your rules and your strategies on a regular basis. You can use data, tools and analytic techniques to understand current results then redevelop strategies for continual improvement. 


The increasing number, variety, speed and severity of cyber attacks calls for a new line of defense. While there are many signature-based solutions for protecting against known cyber attack vectors, the key gap is identifying threats for which no signature has yet been isolated. Better defenses are also needed to protect against attacks involving credential changes after spear phishing. To minimize losses, we must detect and stop threats based on the abnormal behaviors they exhibit in the network, as they occur. To prevent losses, we must predict and stop as many threats as possible during the reconnaissance period, before data is exfiltrated.


FICO® Blaze Advisor® decision rules management system is a complete solution for enterprise decision management. It includes an architectural framework for building decision management applications and state-of-the-art tools for deploying and maintaining decision services (also known as rule services). In this white paper, you'll learn about using Blaze Advisor for rule authoring, implementation, deployment, and testing and maintenance, and how Blaze Advisor can be extended with analytics, simulations and a number of additional products within FICO’s Decision Management suite.

For Industries: 
Banking, Capital Markets

The depth and breadth of stress testing requirements continues to evolve in the US and Europe. Banks are increasingly expected to model more scenarios for more portfolios with greater levels of detail, reporting and accuracy. This is making stress testing processes more complex and resource intensive. FICO provides clients with a sustainable stress test solution that will increase speed and accuracy, while improving transparency and governance.


Making customer-focused decisions that balance risk and profit just keeps getting harder. And even when you think you have the right decisions, turning them into actions can be even trickier. You also need to consider the factors that make smart decisions difficult. Big data. Regulations. Customers who want an offer, fast, or else you’re going to lose them. Even incremental investments in advanced analytics can pay off, but to be truly successful, organizations have to put these tools into the hands of their lines of business, not just the data scientists and operations researchers who have traditionally owned this domain – without impacting an already overloaded IT department. This white paper covers how the collision of economic, technological, and human factors mandates a new approach to decisions – leveraging prescriptive analytics across the enterprise.


The "Business Rules Approach," which has held sway for over a decade, is being replaced by a new paradigm: decision modeling. 

Decision modeling will transform the way companies use decision management products. It will provide a business-friendly, primarily graphical environment for configuration and maintenance, and a seamless linkage between rules, analytics and optimization.

For Industries: 

How do you launch a loyalty program in a saturated market during one of the worst years for grocery sales in decades…and rocket to success? A top Canadian grocer’s loyalty program uses sophisticated analytics to identify—from 380 billion+ possible combinations—the handful of offers that will be most relevant to each customer that week. As a result, more than 40% of grocery sales now come from loyalty members, who make more trips and buy bigger baskets than nonmembers.

This white paper looks at how the retailer:

  • Knows when and what customers will buy
  • Predicts individual demand elasticity to point thresholds in offers
  • Optimizes offer sets for best customer-company outcomes
  • Learns what causes customers to buy
For Industries: 

Over 50 million US adults don’t currently have FICO® Scores because of sparse or old data in their credit files, or because they lack a credit file all together. Can scoring help lenders safely and responsibly extend credit to these consumers?

New FICO research says yes—but only when credit bureau data is augmented by the right alternative data. This white paper presents key research findings showing how:

  • Scoring more people without more data harms consumers and creditors
  • Unscorable credit applicants are not all alike
  • Alternative data scoring releases millions stuck in a credit catch-22
  • Millions score high enough to qualify for credit, with most going on to improve their credit status

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