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Banking, Agencies

“Know your customer” is more than a check in a box on a compliance checklist. In an environment increasingly defined by consumer choice, knowing your customer is key to earning and keeping their business.

FICO recently completed an extensive consumer research study of the banking industry. This report covers data related specifically to the insights and opportunities connected to the changing attitudes and behaviors of the banking customer.

How do first- and third-party collectors respond to changing attitudes as part of their collection outreach? By staying informed. Read on to learn more.

For Industries: 

Financial organizations’ customer relationships can be a lot like the elephant.

When risk management and collections groups see a customer situation exclusively from their perspective, they often lose sight of the broader relationship and their institution’s most important goal:

maximizing lifetime customer value. 


Read to learn more. 



Good News or Bad News?

Delinquencies Ready for Take Off

FICO’s quarterly survey of North American bank risk professionals found expectations for delinquencies on credit
cards and auto loans, and for new delinquencies on all consumer loans, to be at their highest levels since Q4 2011.

That’s definitely bad news. Or...’s good news. 



Intelligent communications and member self-serve help you scale the shifting economic, regulatory and social environment.  In today’s dynamic collections environment, traditional approaches are less and less effective. New techniques—like self-serve ways for members to resolve delinquencies from their mobile phone—produce higher ROI for collections time, effort and expense. Learn how one financial institution used intelligent omnichannel communications and member self-serve to collect 51% more debt than its current call center, at an even lower cost than an offshore alternative.


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