The following guest post was written by Caitlyn Ramey, Director of Marketing at First Bankcard, a division of First National Bank of Omaha.

At First Bankcard, we decided that we needed to give our credit cardholders the advantage of knowing their general credit health by giving them access to their FICO®8 Bankcard

Score for free (through FICO®Score Open Access). It’s the credit score we use to help manage their account, and it’s a good indicator our cardholders can use to generally understand their credit health. We believe our customers can benefit from knowing their FICO® Score–

it can be a healthy part of their financial fitness.


Citi latest participant as FICO Score Open Access grows to 60 million consumers

WASHINGTON, DC . — October 17 , 20 1 4 — In remarks today, President Barack Obama recognized and praised FICO (NYSE:FICO), the predictive analytics and decision management software company, and several leading lenders , for their efforts to help consumers understand their FICO® Scores through the FICO® Score Open Access program . The President applauded these companies for improving consume rs’ awareness of their credit health and helping them identify unexpected shifts in their credit score, which could be an indicator of identity theft.

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