For Industries: 

Client: Large Australian Bank

Challenge: Bring efficiency to the regulatory process by reducing the amount of time spent monitoring, documenting and identifying deteriorating models.

Solution: FICO® Model Central™

Results: This bank estimates it will reduce costs by $8 million annually by reducing the amount of time spent producing, auditing, validating and tracking reports, and by reducing the amount of losses from charge-offs occurring as a result of model degradation.

For Industries: 


Determine the best credit card to offer by predicting whether a client will want a
low-interest card or a rewards-based card.

FICO® Analytic Modeler Decision Tree Professional and FICO® Analytic Modeler
Scorecard Professional

By utilizing FICO® Decision Management Suite, KeyBank projected significant
benefits over the original strategy. Results to date include:

  • Increased response rates to card offers by 17%
  • Enhanced profitability from higher utilization of the cards
  • Decreased risk with better targeting
  • Deepened customer relationships with targeted marketing
For Industries: 

Client: European Retailer

Challenge: Create a platform that leverages all customer interaction data and external sources to deliver real-time, personal offers in-store that recognize and reward each customer’s loyalty

Solution: FICO® Decision Management Platform Streaming and FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite

Results: The retailer proved in three weeks that their vision for the real-time offers platform was achievable at the massive scale and low latency they require


The collision of new data sources, technology and analytics provides energy companies like SolarCity with amazing opportunities to drive stronger customer engagement while improving energy efficiency and usage. To help build the grid of the future, SolarCity selected FICO Optimization to help the business extract the best possible actions from a sea of data and myriad constraints and competing priorities.


Download our case study now and learn how SolarCity is using FICO optimization to:

  • Evaluate opportunities to save commercial customers on their energy bills by optimally managing their demand charges
  • Manage customer energy profiles to optimize charge and discharge profiles for energy storage systems
  • Optimize distributed energy resources in multi-use application frameworks that benefit the grid and customers
  • Analyze potential revenue streams for customers by selling unused stored energy into wholesale electricity markets
  • Determine optimal ways to reduce stress on the electric grid by potentially reducing system load
For Industries: 

Client: Leading writer of home insurance coverage

Challenge: Loss of up to 20,000 home insurance policies per month due to attrition — primarily from failure to pay renewal premium

Solution: FICO® Customer Communication Services for Insurance

Results: Contact established with 75% of the lapsed policyholders targeted as profitable customers to win back. 19.6% of the customer contacts resulted in the policy being “won back.”

For Industries: 

Client: Banco Ficohsa, a top 10 bank in Central America

Challenge: The bank wanted to be more consistent, agile and segmented with its implementation of strategies in originations and account management.

Solution: FICO® Blaze Advisor® decision rules management system, FICO® Decision Optimizer

Results: By applying rules and optimization technology, Banco Ficohsa has increased sales and profits by millions of dollars per year. In addition, it has reduced time to market for new and updated strategies, reduced IT involvement and increased granularity of segmentation.

For Industries: 

Client: Small business lender Ascentium Capital works with a variety of industries including medical, trucking, construction, and hotel and restaurant franchises. Ascentium was founded in 2011.

Challenge:Ascentium wanted to expand its growing portfolio, keep risk in check and continue to provide fast lending decisions to its customers.

Solution: FICO® Small Business Scoring ServiceSM Version 7

Results: Ascentium has grown its portfolio to $1.2 billion in assets, is identifying more customers inside its risk profile, and is meeting its goal to deliver lending decisions to customers in two hours or less.

For Industries: 

Client: Nationwide Building Society was founded in the mid-19th century, and over the years it has grown to become the world’s largest mutual financial institution, and the United Kingdom’s second-largest mortgage provider. 

Challenge: Nationwide wanted to replace its multi-system credit decision infrastructure with a single unified, multi-bureau decision-making platform. 

Solution: FICO® Origination and Customer Management Solutions 

Results: Nationwide can now get new products to market faster, has cut the time it takes to offer new loan product 

For Industries: 

Client: TBC Bank, headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia, has been in operation since 1992 and did US $1.97 billion in loan business in 2015. 

Challenge: The bank wanted to replace an existing loan origination system with one that would enable process automation and greater efficiency while boosting customer sales and satisfaction. 

Solution: FICO® Origination Manager 

Results: Within two months of deployment, TBC Bank had cut some loan origination task times from more than a day to less than 15 minutes. Upsell and cross-sell acceptances increased, and the bank boosted profit and reduced bad debt exposure. 

For Industries: 
Capital Markets

Client: Cabot Credit Management, headquartered in Kent, England, provides debt purchasing, contingency collections, business outsourcing and litigation services. 

Challenge: Cabot needed a single debt management solution so it could streamline operations following a three-company merger. 

Solution: FICO® Debt Manager™ solution 

Results: Cabot implemented the debt management solution in six months and now has more efficient internal processes that drive increased business and higher customer satisfaction. 

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