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New FICO® Score XD, using alternative data, can be a lifeline for millions of "credit invisibles"

SAN JOSE, Calif. — October 8, 2015 — Using the right alternatives to traditional credit bureau data, lenders can reliably identify millions more consumers who qualify for credit, according to a new research report published today by FICO (NYSE:FICO). The whitepaper, which summarizes extensive research conducted by FICO’s data scientists as part of the company’s alternative data pilot program, also reveals the potential consumer harm that could result from scoring large swaths of the currently "unscorable" with traditional credit bureau data alone.

Download FICO’s white paper, "Can Alternative Data Expand Credit Access?":

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LONDON — October 7, 2015


  • FICO Affordability Calculator enables lenders to set affordable repayment schedules with borrowers
  • Borrowers can complete the form online, saving time and potential embarrassment

FICO today announced the availability of the FICO® Affordability Calculator, a tool that debt advisors and borrowers can use to set affordable arrangements for repayment of debt. This easy-to-use, web-based solution guides consumers through the budgeting process for establishing sustainable payments, or allows them to complete the form with an agent. It is available now in the UK, and can be configured easily for markets worldwide.

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FICO customer contact solution maintains collection rate, lowers costs and delivers a high-quality customer experience

SINGAPORE — 14 September, 2015


  • Aiful Corporation is the first company in Japan to implement FICO® Customer Communication Services to automate collections.
  • FICO's customer contact solution allows Aiful to reduce the cost to collect and handle peak volumes without additional staff.
  • The implementation has helped improve Aiful’s cure rate – when people who have fallen behind in payments get back up to date and in good standing – to the same level as that achieved by call centre staff.
  • Customers prefer automation: Upon hearing the reason for the collections call, 80% of customers used the self-serve account options without asking to speak to an agent.
  • Consumers benefit from timely awareness of loan arrears. This allows them to organize alternative repayment arrangements and avoid negative events on their credit file.

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