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San Jose, CA — December 5, 2016  


  • FICO® Enterprise Security Score performs twice as well as other scores at measuring the risk of an organization having a major data breach
  • FICO Enterprise Security Score can be used by an organization, its partners and its insurers to measure cybersecurity effectiveness from an outside view
  • The score is empirically derived based on patented security techniques developed by FICO researchers over 60 years

Silicon Valley analytics firm FICO today announced impressive results for its FICO® Enterprise Security Score, which assesses the forward-looking cybersecurity risk of trusted third parties and business partners. The company’s research shows that its score is twice as accurate as competing scores in terms of forecasting the likelihood that a company will suffer material data loss from a breach.

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SAN JOSE, CA — November 30, 2016

Silicon Valley analytics software firm FICO announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Financial Services Competency status. This designation recognizes FICO for delivery of effective solutions to help organizations manage critical issues pertaining to the industry, such as risk management, data management, navigating compliance requirements and establishing governance models.

Achieving the AWS Financial Services Competency differentiates FICO as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that has demonstrated relevant technical proficiency and proven customer success, delivering solutions seamlessly in the AWS Cloud environment. To receive the designation, APN Partners must demonstrate industry expertise, have readily implemented solutions that align with AWS architectural best practices, and have staff with AWS-certifications.

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SAN JOSE — November 30, 2016


  • FICO® Score Open Access is being used by credit unions as well as banks to increase engagement with their members
  • 180 million consumer accounts can now access their FICO® Score for free through 100 financial institutions

US financial institutions of all sizes are offering the FICO® Score Open Access program to their customers as a way to empower them to take control of their financial health. Participants in the program provide FICO® Scores and related information to their customers, and participating lenders range from the country’s largest lenders to dozens of credit unions, some with as few as 300 members. Thanks to these lenders, 180 million consumer accounts are now getting their FICO® Scores for free.

For a list of some of the institutions that provide free FICO® Scores through the program, visit

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