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STOCKHOLM – 5 June 2018

Despite the major changes the Payments Services Directive 2 could make to EU payments, few Swedes know about the new EU directive, now being introduced. A new survey from analytics software firm FICO, executed by SIFO, also shows that few Swedes are prepared to share their banking information with a third party, and there is a mixed view on whether PSD2 will lead to an increase or decrease in fraud.

Under PSD2, consumers can give third parties permission to access their bank information, such as their deposits. This means that third parties can perform payments directly from the user’s bank accounts. Consumers will also have multiple payment options when conducting a transaction.

Only 36 percent of all respondents knew about the directive. The lowest awareness is among the young, from ages 16-24, where only 29 percent know about it.

”PSD2 will greatly change how we make payments in the future and usher in a lot of new payment services,” said Dylan Jones, who oversees operations in the Nordics at FICO. “Our survey shows though that few consumers know about the directive, which suggests that it will take some time before customers are ready to give third parties the necessary access in order to be able to take advantage of the new services that will launch.”

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Nearly two-thirds of UK consumers acquired their last auto loan at the dealership

LONDON – 31 May 2018


  • In a new FICO survey, only 10 percent of car buyers said they got their auto loan online
  • While only 15 percent of UK consumers applied for their most recent automotive loan online, 48 percent plan to do so next time
  • 50 percent of UK consumers only considered one lender before making their final loan selection

Silicon Valley analytic software firm FICO today announced the findings of its first global survey on automobile financing, which showed that consumers are planning to move to digital lending — but haven’t yet. While 63 percent of UK consumers acquired their most recent automotive loan at a dealership, and just 15 percent got a loan online, only Germans saw a higher rate of online auto lending. In addition, 48 percent of respondents said they would prefer to apply online next time, the highest figure among the nine countries surveyed.

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Majority of US Consumers Obtained Their Loans at the Dealership, More Than Any Other Country

SAN JOSE, Calif. — April 12, 2018


  • FICO commissions first global consumer survey on automotive finance experience
  • Only 5 percent of US consumers applied for their loans online while 29% plan to do so for their next auto loan
  • 73% of US consumers obtain their loans at the dealership; more than any other country
  • US has the second longest wait time to complete the finance process; 62% of US consumers have to wait 30 minutes or more

Silicon Valley analytic software firm FICO today announced the findings of its first global survey on consumer perceptions of the automotive finance process. The research looked at how consumers view the financing aspect of their auto purchase for new and used vehicles, as well as how the ecosystem of providers (banks, captive finance providers, credit unions, dealerships, and startups) are currently meeting customer expectations.

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