Using the power of FICO analytics and decision management technologies to optimize operations, automate decisions and extract more marketing value from Big Data.


By combining powerful, innovative software with predictive analytics, FICO helps high tech manufacturers succeed. By discovering hidden signals in Big Data, manufacturers will optimize operations, automate decisions and extract more marketing value from data Decision management tools help high tech manufacturers become more efficient in their operations and the production facilities. With our originations tools, companies will make faster, smarter decisions to extend leasing to customers and suppliers. After leases are made, FICO’s integrated set of collections and recovery technologies keep a sharp eye on potential delinquencies, reduce the processing costs, and increase payments.


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Dell Financial Services creates a Universal Decision Engine with FICO

Since it was founded by Dell Inc, and CIT in the spring of 1997, Dell Financial Services has experienced tremendous growth. Dell faced a challenge, however, getting its originations system to grow with it.  "We were looking to replatform and reinvigorate our entire originations system, and FICO was really able to help us develop a comprehensive vision. 

Learn more about the FICO solution that drove Dell's new powerful and flexible rule-based decision system.