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Innovative software and solutions designed to enable business decisions.

FICO offers comprehensive products and solutions designed to address business challenges across key facets of your organization that solves industry-specific problems.

The Analytic Advantage with FICO

Accelerate the modeling lifecycle with capabilities to explore and analyze data of any size and complexity.

FICO offers FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager in partnership with a number of credit card processors throughout the world.

Global Business Consulting can work with your portfolio management team to provide practical advice on any business problem, from setting up a new internal risk management function to assisting with the implementation of risk technology.

FICO provides powerful custom analytics and analytic consulting that are considered the "gold standard" in the industries we serve. We help clients advance their use of analytics, with engagements ranging from model development to full analytic partnerships.

For clients that have an account or customer management system already in production, Global Business Consulting will work with you to turn your investment into business benefits by using all of the system’s capabilities, instilling best practices in its deployment, and applying our experience in working with clients around the world to improve your decisioning.

Our consultants have helped many of the world’s leading banks establish collections and recovery practices that are more efficient, effective and profitable.

Customer Interaction Management helps you create value through every interaction with your customers. We help strengthen the strategic, operational, and technical performance of the critical customer-facing functions of your business.

Customer Loyalty and Retention helps you understand the unique drivers of loyalty within customer segments to improve retention and profits.

Global Business Consulting will work with you to lay out a roadmap to increase the yields and benefits gained with your account and customer management practice. We can help you make enhancements in processes, policies, strategies and systems, or apply improved analytic models in your business strategies, as we’ve done with many customers around the world.

Customer Segmentation and Value Management helps you understand and act on the differential value in your customer base.

FICO’s Customer Strategy Consulting Group is focused on helping you improve growth and profitability through better insight and management of your customers.

Global Business Consulting can help you employ the latest analytic tools to develop data-driven strategies that improve ROI. We help you clarify and identify the core concepts underlying some of the complex strategies that have been developed over the years.

Keeping fraud off the books

Fraud & Security

Provide cost-effective, fast access to application scoring


Minimize your bankruptcy losses without impacting good revenue streams

Customer Originations Scores & Scoring Services

Deliver consistent business decisions to every touchpoint for increased agility and governance

Campaign Management Customer Growth & Retention

Your first defense against ATM and debit card fraud

Fraud & Security

A powerful instrument to detect and prioritize fraud incidents

Fraud & Security

Quickly deploy analytics that boost collection performance by 15% to 20%

Debt Management

Work with experienced FICO consultants to evaluate your existing environment, analyze opportunities and recommend improvements.

Debt Management

Simplify predictive modeling lifecycles and improve decision performance.

Decision Application Development & Management

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