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FICO Products

Innovative software and solutions designed to enable business decisions.

FICO offers comprehensive Big Data Analytics software solutions, Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence tools designed to address business challenges across key facets of your organization that solves industry-specific problems.

FICO Analytic Cloud What is a Decision Management Solution

Simplify predictive modeling lifecycles and improve decision performance.

Decision Application Development & Management

Bring together multiple data sources to drive smarter decisions

Big Data Analytics

Create more powerful decisions, quickly and cost-effectively

Big Data Analytics

Balance your conflicting objectives, and your goals and constraints

Decision Application Development & Management

Prepare your risk prevention for future, changing conditions

Customer Originations Decision Application Development & Management

Reduce project risk, cost and time-to-value

Big Data Analytics Campaign Management Customer Growth & Retention Customer Originations Customer Strategy Management Debt Management Fraud & Security Multi-Channel Communications Offer Management

Accelerate the modeling lifecycle with capabilities to explore and analyze data of any size and complexity.

Big Data Analytics

Transforming analytics for better business results

Big Data Analytics

Make accurate loss forecasts and respond with the right strategies

Decision Application Development & Management

Sharpen predictive modeling precision

Big Data Analytics Offer Optimization

Refine strategies by better understanding your most profitable segments

Decision Application Development & Management

The FICO Solution Stack has broad appeal for any business investing in predictive and prescriptive analytics, as well as analytics-driven decision management applications.

Big Data Analytics

Develop powerful optimization applications faster than ever before

Big Data Analytics

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