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Innovative software and solutions designed to enable business decisions.

FICO offers comprehensive products and solutions designed to address business challenges across key facets of your organization that solves industry-specific problems.

The Analytic Advantage with FICO

Accelerate the modeling lifecycle with capabilities to explore and analyze data of any size and complexity.

Minimize your bankruptcy losses without impacting good revenue streams

Customer Originations Scores & Scoring Services

Make better decisions in anticipation of future economic conditions

Originations Scores

Prepare your risk prevention for future, changing conditions

Customer Originations Decision Application Development & Management

Profitably serve the large percentage of the under-served US population

Originations Scores

Reduce project risk, cost and time-to-value

Big Data Analytics Campaign Management Customer Growth & Retention Customer Originations Customer Strategy Management Debt Management Fraud & Security Multi-Channel Communications Offer Management

Fast, precise risk assessment, so you can extend credit with confidence

Customer Originations

Maximize ROI with a personalized roadmap for success

Customer Originations

Drive profitable growth in a challenging market


Significantly broaden the scope of applications you underwrite, and cut losses with even greater risk prediction

Customer Originations

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