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FICO Products

Innovative software and solutions designed to enable business decisions.

FICO offers comprehensive Big Data Analytics software solutions, Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence tools designed to address business challenges across key facets of your organization that solves industry-specific problems.

FICO Analytic Cloud What is a Decision Management Solution

Provide cost-effective, fast access to application scoring


Minimize your bankruptcy losses without impacting good revenue streams

Customer Originations Scores & Scoring Services

Leverage additional data sources and credit considerations to more precisely distinguish good and bad credit risks


Profitably serve the large percentage of the under-served US population

Originations Scores

The solution is available through credit bureaus for lenders to cost-effectively and seamlessly access fraud detection support as part of their normal bureau origination inquiry.

Scores Scores & Scoring Services

Gain an added perspective on risk with credit data and FICO modeling


Helping health care providers and pharma companies ensure prescription compliance


Make sharper decisions with a score tailored to the industry


Shape more effective prescreening campaigns


Measure consumer risk with the world's leading credit risk score


FICO experts bring deep knowledge of the analytics, broad experience of how to assess the scores, and the dedicated focus to get the evaluation completed quickly and effectively.

Scores & Scoring Services

FICO® Score Economic Calibration Service enables bank holding companies to better predict their credit risk and plan their capital requirements under various economic scenarios prescribed by the Federal Reserve.

Scores & Scoring Services

Opening the Door to Better Customer Relationships


Find high-risk customers faster with additional analytic insight


myFICO is FICO’s consumer division, which offers consumers access to their FICO® Score, and to related products designed to help consumers understand and analyze their FICO® Score and underlying credit reports.


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