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Fair Isaac Advisors Account/Customer Management Processor TRIAD Consulting

FICO offers FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager in partnership with a number of credit card processors throughout the world.

TRIAD Customer Manager is integrated with the processor platform, delivering world class strategy selection, deployment and monitoring for decisions.

FICO embeds advanced analytics, both FICO® Scores and user-defined scores, and tools such as FICO® Blaze Advisor® business rules management system and FICO® Model Builder for Decision Trees for data-driven strategy production (functionality varies at each processor).

Our team will help guide you through the start up project, working closely with many areas within your company and the processor to ensure that business objectives are met on conversion and that your company is fully trained on the benefits and use of the software.

Worldwide through a number of established card processors

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Features & Benefits

Ongoing Support and Review of Strategies

The Fair Isaac Advisors not only offer ongoing day-to-day support but will analyze the performance reports that measure the relative effectiveness of your standard strategy (champion) and test strategy (challenger). The Advisors will meet with you regularly to review and discuss findings and make recommendations for strategic change.

Annual Analysis

Once a year, FICO analyses the performance reports that measure the predictive power of the TRIAD scorecards on various account populations. If the statistical analysis demonstrates that an improvement can be made to the odds-to-score relationship and scaling, FICO specifies the alignment parameters for updating the calculation of the TRIAD behavior score for the appropriate account population.


In addition to the standard benchmarking offering, industry standard reports are produced detailing trends in areas such as strategy design, credit line increases and decreases, cure rates and roll rates. These reports will help position your company and guide strategic and policy changes


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