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Fair Isaac Advisors Analytic Business Consulting

FICO provides powerful custom analytics and analytic consulting that are considered the "gold standard" in the industries we serve. We help clients advance their use of analytics, with engagements ranging from model development to full analytic partnerships.

The most experience in solving critical business problems using analytics—we maximize predictive power while ensuring actionable use by addressing operational, legal and data issues

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Features & Benefits

Analytic experts

FICO has been delivering analytic innovations for over fifty years. Our Advisors team focuses on the challenges were analytics meet business to maximize your return on investment


By leveraging our experience we can work with your team to enhance current processes and get the most of your analytic tools, people and data


Our analyst have worked on many projects and over time we have developed a best practice approach that we bring to the table when reviewing your processes.

Analytic Roadmaps

This engagement is designed to address the many questions, concerns, uncertainties, and doubts that customers often have as they endeavor upon their first analytics application. Fair Issac Advisors will review your current data, technology, analytic tools and process to develop an analytic roadmap to provide guidance to your organization in the move to becoming a best-in-class analytics practice.

Analytic Health Checks

Our Advisors perform an in-depth review of your current analytic capabilities, scoring and strategies in place for any decision area. This engagement is designed to provide immediate impact via short term quick win recommendations, along with long-term future vision recommendations.

Data Assessment

Fair Issac Advisors can work with your team and reviewing your current data capture, infrastructure and data quality to craft an analytic solution to fit the needs of your organization. It is important to remember that one size does not fit all organizations or problems.


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