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Fair Isaac Advisors Annual Business Consulting

For clients that have an account or customer management system already in production, Fair Isaac Advisors will work with you to turn your investment into business benefits by using all of the system’s capabilities, instilling best practices in its deployment, and applying our experience in working with clients around the world to improve your decisioning.

From creating new challenger strategies to advising on best practice, our consultants have the knowledge and skills to help you make the best use of FICO products.

Fair Isaac Advisors can provide practical advice on any business problem, from setting up a new internal risk management function to assisting with the implementation of risk technology.

The FICO process utilizes our Organizational Optimization Framework and our industry experience in how best to utilize people, process and technology to set up a best-in-class risk management function. First we will work with you to ascertain goals and objectives while considering external factors, performance management, and organizational structure. Leveraging our knowledge of industry best practices gained through many projects with clients worldwide, our delivery team will provide specific recommendations that provide immediate value.

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Features & Benefits


of new strategies based on industry best practice


of all account management decisioning to yield increased benefits


of the latest FICO software to create profitable, data-driven strategies


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