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Fair Isaac Advisors Customer Loyalty and Retention

Customer Loyalty and Retention helps you understand the unique drivers of loyalty within customer segments to improve retention and profits.

By understanding the unique elements that contribute to customer defection, and how those issues differ across customer groups, we help you better shape their value proposition to each segment and the experience they deliver. By understanding the profit impact that customer retention is having on the business, we can help you target the right investments to improve loyalty and profitability.

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Features & Benefits


Insight into the retention performance within your customer base

Key drivers

Understanding of the key drivers of retention and loyalty across different customer segments

Profit impact

Understanding of the profit impact and improvement opportunities of retention on the bottom line

Analysis of retention

Analysis of retention and loyalty performance within segments or key customer sub-populations

Analysis of profit

Analysis of profit impact and cost-benefit analysis from loyalty improvements


Assessment of segment-level loyalty drivers and strategic performance improvement recommendations


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