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FICO® Application Fraud Manager

Keeping fraud off the books

FICO® Application Fraud Manager gives businesses in a variety of industries the ability to cost-effectively prevent first-party and third-party application fraud with a flexible choice of technology components, and with innovative advances in first-party fraud analytics. This modular solution enables companies to supplement existing capabilities with advanced technology. Businesses can then cost-effectively address critical loss areas, and gradually add technology across portfolios and channels to build an enterprise approach to application fraud management.

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Features & Benefits

Fight first-party and third-party application fraud

FICO Application Fraud Manager gives  access to leading detection, decision support and fraud management technology, including advanced analytics for addressing third-party and first-party fraud types at the portfolio-level.

Address your immediate needs with a modular approach

Application Fraud Manager is a highly flexible, component-based system of industry-leading technology capabilities—including data acquisition, analytic models, rules management, case management and link analysis.

Build an enterprise approach to application fraud over time

Quickly deploy essential technologies to address critical pains, and then incrementally add components to tackle application fraud in other areas as needed, extending your investment. Add analytic models across products and channels to share relevant alerts, scores, strategies, decisions and case dispositions with all lines of business.

Orchestrate data

A standard, flexible data model enables you to import and manage data that will work for many application types across industries.

Use advanced fraud analytics

FICO Application Fraud Manager can host multiple models geared to specific fraud types—first-party and third-party—and for specific portfolios.

Manage cases more effectively

Application Fraud Manager’s sophisticated, highly flexible case management system includes a configurable workflow environment, queue management support, rules integration, and dash-boarding features supporting reporting and auditing of teams.


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