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    Customer data is more widely available than ever, but leveraging data to drive smarter decisions requires new thinking and a new kind of agility. As companies develop strategies for both cloud computing and for using Big Data to improve customer relationships, analytically-empowered solutions, cloud-based applications and a flexible cloud-based Decision Management development platform become essential.



FICO® Big Data Analyzer

Discover Insights from Big Data on Hadoop


Despite the need to harness the power of Big Data, enterprise data platforms, like Hadoop, do not include BI or analytics software that makes data readily accessible for business users.  FICO® Big Data Analyzer is a purpose-built analytics environment for business users, analysts and data scientists to gain valuable insights from the exploration and analysis of any type and size of data on Hadoop.  It makes Big Data accessible by masking Hadoop complexity, allowing all users to drive more business value from any data. 

Core Benefits

Accelerates adoption of Big Data use

Maximizes analytic assets and reduces Hadoop costs

Drives business decisions and optimizes applications

Accelerates adoption of Big Data use

FICO Big Data Analyzer improves productivity and time to insights. By making Big Data accessible to business analysts and data scientists, it enables them to solve pressing business problems quickly and collaboratively. 

Maximizes analytic assets and reduces Hadoop costs

FICO Big Data Analyzer's Analytics Hub allows users to securely store, search, re-use and manage analytics assets created anywhere in the organization.  This eliminates the need for data replication, lowering the total cost of Hadoop ownership. 

Drives business decisions and optimizes applications

Combined with FICO® Analytic Modeler and other components of the FICO® Decision Management Suite, FICO Big Data Analyzer is the industry's only Big Data application designed for the entire Big Data Analytics lifecycle, spanning data exploration, model building and operational decision implementation. 

Solution Architecture

FICO® Big Data Analyzer

FICO® Big Data Analyzer is a component of the FICO® Decision Management Suite, a cost-effective and easy way for customers to evaluate, customize, deploy and scale state-of-the-art analytics and decision management solutions.

Key Features

  • Intuitive user experience that supports queries for data analysts and provides a  graphical interface for business analysts. 
  • Allows companies to ingest Big Data while preserving data integrity. 
  • Analytics Hub allows users to find, manage and re-use analytic assets. 
  • Explore, query and visualize Big Data.
  • Support for all major Hadoop distributions and versions including out-of-the-box support for Cloudera and Hortonworks. 
  • Ready access to sophisticated queries, including more than 250 pre-packaged analytics. 
  • Existing models built in virtually any tool can be imported for collaborative use on Big Data in Hadoop.
  • Native, open and standards-based solution that integrates directly with Hadoop. 
  • Support for the complete Big Data analytic lifecycle when combined with the FICO® Decision Management Suite.
  • Deployable on-premises or in-cloud and available for trial download in the FICO® Analytic Cloud

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