FICO® Card Compromise Manager

Reduce fraud losses by detecting merchant compromise faster.


Around the world, criminals are stealing payment card data and using it to make fake cards that quickly accumulate fraudulent charges. What if your organization could quickly find out exactly which customers’ card data was compromised, before their stolen card information was used to make a torrent of fraudulent purchases? With FICO® Card Compromise Manager, you can. 

FICO Card Compromise Manager is an anti-fraud solution that proactively detects and prioritizes compromised merchants and data breaches, automatically alerting fraud teams. A powerful companion to FICO Falcon Fraud Manager, it can analyze and detect card present, card not present (CNP) and ATM fraud originating from compromised merchants and ATMs. 

Core Benefits

Mitigate fraud exposure

Fight fraud more efficiently

Manage risk more effectively

Mitigate fraud exposure

Stop card fraud before it happens with fast, accurate identification of compromised ATMs, merchant point-of sale and data breaches. In addition, you can prevent long-term fraud with automated feeds into FICO® Falcon Fraud Manager watch lists and issuer systems.

Fight fraud more efficiently

Eliminate manually intensive data analysis to identify common points of compromise, and empower analysts to view risk-prioritized merchants and data breaches in a systemic way. 

Manage risk more effectively

Reduce the amount of block-and-reissues, allowing your organization to take a risk-based approach to exposed cards.

Key Features

Automated, proactive detection. Card Compromise Manager can pinpoint and track potential data breaches down to the specific store, POS terminal, and time period, applying dedicated analytics to detect multiple types of fraud. 

Tools to empower users. Fraud analysts can take the recommended right action at the right time, including immediate block-and-reissue mediation or a fraud watch strategy.

Market-proven FICO analytics. Card Compromise Manager applies advanced fraud analytic techniques to assess all transactions for potential merchant compromise. It identifies and prioritizes compromises, and recommends the most effective treatment strategy.

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