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Fair Isaac Advisors Collections & Recovery Current State Assesment

Work with experienced Fair Isaac Advisors to evaluate your existing environment, analyze opportunities and recommend improvements.

Fair Isaac Advisors Collections and Recovery Current State Assessment is a quick, yet thorough consulting engagement that assesses collections recovery performance, delivering actionable feedback and recommendations in a roadmap that identifies both short and long-term actions.

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Features & Benefits

Where do you need to be?

Experienced advisors work with you to review operational practices and procedures. Focusing on the management of typically critical areas, often including dialer strategies, operational reports and call flow, we’ll compare observations to industry best practices as the basis for  recommendations.

Evolve your collection processes

Transition from ‘seeming productive’ to being effective and profitable using current capabilities, management strategies and technologies. You get a customized vision to enhance your capabilities.

Strike the right balance

Learn how to effectively leverage your most vital assets more effectively and efficiently    

Uncover hidden areas of operational negation in your organization

Interviews with key stakeholders provide the basis for identifying the business issues facing your operation, working to evaluate your existing environment, understand opportunities and recommend improvements.

Align your current technologies with your processes

Ensure optimal performance to achieve the best results.


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