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As consumer service expectations rise and consumers expand their use of different communication channels, organizations of all types (banks, utilities, auto manufacturers, telecommunications firms and insurers) are seeking ways to connect effectively at scale. FICO® Customer Communication Services deliver intelligent, scalable, two-way, automated voice, text, e-mail and mobile app notifications, with a human touch. FICO Customer Communication Services works alongside existing systems and processes to help organizations reduce fraud, collect more debt, improve customer service, and drive service renewals and product upsell. 


Core Benefits

Cloud Deployment on AWS

Leverage the Right Channel

Personal Communication at Scale

Cloud Deployment on AWS

In addition to more traditional deployments in FICO Hosted Datacentres, Customer Communication Services can be rapidly and cost-effectively deployed in the Cloud on AWS infrastructure. This option allows for flexible expansions, faster time-to-value, much lower TCO and rapid deployment of new analytic capabilities all the while meeting all regulatory and security demands

Leverage the Right Channel

Sophisticated engagement strategies enable organizations to connect with customers over the right channel—mobile, voice, SMS, or email—at the right time to drive for results.

Personal Communication at Scale

Pre-determined segmentation treatment strategies automate case management, giving live agents more time to spend on the most important customers and the most challenging situations.



FICO® Customer Communication Services

FICO® Customer Communication Services (CCS) connects all types of organizations more effectively with consumers. Banks can stop more fraud. Healthcare providers can improve care at home. Insurers keep customers updated on claims processing. Utilities and Telcos better manage service appointments notifications. All organizations can collect more debt. The possibilities for intelligent, automated communications are as open as the imagination of our clients.


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BMW Speeds Customer Communications


BMW helps more than 1 million BMW customers select and maintain financing options, protect their vehicles and make the transition to a new car.  In order to properly represent their brand, BMW sought to develop a more tailored telephone contact with customers while driving retention and enriching the customer experience.  

Read more about how BMW chose FICO® Customer Communication Services to offer personalized leasing and financing options to BMW customers.

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