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FICO® Customer Dialogue Manager

Engage customers more effectively across all channels

FICO Customer Dialogue Manager is a multi-channel marketing platform that enables marketers to design, execute and manage precisely timed and targeted campaigns that engage customers across all channels based on their known interactions and preferences. By harnessing and integrating enormous volumes of customer data from every channel, FICO Customer Dialogue Manager provides a basis for gaining sharp insights into customer interactions and behaviors. Marketers can apply those insights to generate more individualized, interactive dialogue with customers coordinated across channels, including social media. Through dialogue, they learn more about what the customer wants, boosting sales and marketing ROI.

“Learn more about multi-channel solutions. FICO provides you access to the Gartner CRM Vendor Landscape: Multi-channel Customer Analytics is a Critical CRM Capability.

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Features & Benefits

Manage large amounts of data from disparate sources

FICO Customer Dialogue Manager integrates directly with multiple, disparate channels to harness vast amounts of valuable customer data, both in real-time and in batch, without the need for a third-party platform.

Deliver consistent messaging across multiple channels

Engage customers with personalized consistency in the channels of their choice, whether online, social or mobile platforms, telephone or traditional brick-and-mortar.

Adjust quickly to market trends

The solution gives you the agility to adjust your strategies to changes and new opportunities in the market, with the ability to build and launch on-demand, automatically recurring or event-triggered campaigns based on hundreds of types of events.

Avoid waste and inefficiency

With real-time dashboard reporting, FICO Customer Dialogue Manager enables you to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns and make rapid adjustments. You can fine tune as you go, ramp up campaigns that are working, and discontinue those that aren’t.

Add new channels as they emerge

Built on an open architecture, FICO Customer Dialogue Manager doesn’t lock you in to today’s existing channels. As new channels develop–as they are bound to–you can easily integrate them into your marketing efforts.

Integrate with FICO® Analytic Offer Manager

FICO Customer Dialogue Manager can integrate with FICO® Analytic Offer Manager to add the precision of predictive analytics. This enables marketers with millions of customers and thousands of offers to deliver relevant ones to individual customers, across all channels, when they are most likely to take action.

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