FICO® Customer Dialogue Manager

Multi-channel marketing automation product that marketers use to design, execute and manage precisely timed and targeted campaigns. 


FICO® Customer Dialogue Manager is a multi-channel marketing automation product that marketers use to design, execute and manage precisely timed and targeted campaigns. By harnessing customer data from e-mail, websites, social media and other sources, marketers glean insights into customer behaviors, which can be used to create individualized, interactive conversations. Through dialogue, marketers learn more about their customers, boosting sales and marketing ROI.

Core Benefits

Adjust quickly to market trends

Avoid waste and inefficiency

Add new channels as they emerge

Adjust quickly to market trends

The solution gives you the agility to adjust your strategies to changes and new opportunities in the market, with the ability to build and launch on-demand, automatically recurring or event-triggered campaigns based on hundreds of types of events.

Avoid waste and inefficiency

With real-time dashboard reporting, FICO® Customer Dialogue Manager enables you to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns and make rapid adjustments. You can fine tune as you go, ramp up campaigns that are working, and discontinue those that aren’t.

Add new channels as they emerge

Built on an open architecture, FICO® Customer Dialogue Manager doesn’t lock you in to today’s existing channels. As new channels develop–as they are bound to–you can easily integrate them into your marketing efforts.

Product Introduction

FICO® Customer Dialogue Manager

 Watch this 2 minute video to learn more about FICO® Customer Dialogue Manager.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use interface lets non-technical marketers build campaigns and workflows visually
  • Cloud delivery makes it easy to get started, avoiding capital expense and complex IT implementations
  • High-performance marketing database provides a single view of the customer
  • Interaction Services make survey, form or profile updates simple with automated API creation
  • Clear and understandable reporting make it easy to see what is working and what isn't
  • Open architecture makes integration with legacy systems or new channels simple
  • Batch, event-triggered and real-time campaign capabilities put the marketer in control
  • Tools to test and refine allow for continual campaign performance improvement

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