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FICO® Debt Manager™ Solution

Collect more. Faster. Smarter. And Compliantly

Rising delinquency rates, credit losses and an evolving regulatory environment mean organizations collecting and recovering debt have their work cut out for them. To be competitive, you need a collection platform that stands apart from every other solution. Introducing FICO® Debt Manager™ 9, formerly Titanium ORE (Open Receivables Environment) from CR Software. It’s the only debt management platform that delivers real results:

• Improve agent productivity 20%
• Increase daily processing volume 40%
• Decrease average account process time 30%

It’s a proven framework that automates accounts to the most cost-effective, compliant treatment strategy. You collect and recover more and spend less. Faster. Smarter.

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  • FICO® Debt ManagerFICO® Debt Manager

Features & Benefits

Drive precision and consistency throughout the process

FICO Debt Manager 9 delivers unmatched advantages and benefits in debt collection and recovery, from initial customer contact through timely resolution.

Boost representative efficiency

Automate outbound communications, and intelligently reallocate key resources to inbound teams for customer service.

Evolve beyond basic customer segmentation

Achieve deeper customer understanding via advanced modeling, collections optimization and adaptive control.

Accelerate debt resolution

Use consumer-preferred contact channels to initiate past due alerts and self-cure payment plans.

Create seamless, positive customer experiences

Take advantage of built-in compliance alerts, make key data available in a single location and ensure the right agents work the right accounts.

Protect sensitive data with ironclad security

Data at rest and data in transit are protected against breaches, with a 256-bit encryption layer for added security. Sensitive data can be masked and displayed only to specified authorized users.

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