FICO® Decision Central™

Streamline compliance and better understand risk with centralized model governance and analytics


FICO® Decision Central™

FICO® Decision Central™ dramatically increases visibility into and control over the decision assets and analytic models that drive better decision outcomes across the enterprise. Centralized decision asset management reduces the cost, time and effort required to create, deploy, monitor and update models.  FICO® Decision Central™ minimizes compliance risk with streamlined validation reporting, consistent workflow processes, automated approval capture and accurate audit trails.  It will provide you with a deeper understanding of critical risk drivers and allow you to make more profitable decisions with consistently stronger, more accurate and more current predictive models.

Core Benefits

Minimize compliance risk with comprehensive audit trials

Enhance model performance

Streamline decision strategy validation

Minimize compliance risk with comprehensive audit trials

FICO® Decision Central™ ensures that approved business processes are followed, capturing key model development documentation and approvals to create a comprehensive audit trail.

Enhance model performance

Faster identification of decision strategies requiring attention helps analytic and decision strategy teams focus their efforts on improving models that will have the greatest impact.  More effective models generate sharper predictions, supporting better decisions that balance risk and performance. 



Streamline decision strategy validation

Streamline model validation by 60% through regularly scheduled validations that include detailed reports and automated alerts that identify models requiring closer inspection and that help to demonstrate compliance.  Speed predictive analytic deployment by as much as 80% using a robust deployment manager that synchronizes across multiple environments and provides high performance, scalable score and rules execution.


Solution Architecture

FICO® Decision Central™

FICO® Decision Central™ eases compliance management and supports profitable business decisions through end-to-end model governance and decision support. 

Key Features

  • Automates compliance tasks so analysts can focus on model improvement.
  • Provides alerts and visualization to prioritize and speed model updates.
  • Specify and enforce your organization's business processes.
  • Deploys models into production faster regardless of vendor (SAS, SPSS, R and others).
  • Easily embeds models within decision services to improve customer interactions. 
  • Integrates business impact and optimization to best achieve business goals.

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FICO® Model Central™

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