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FICO® Decision Management Platform

Create more powerful decisions, quickly and cost-effectively

FICO® Decision Management Platform helps you easily and cost effectively evaluate, deploy and scale cloud-based and on-premise analytic solutions for real-time decision management. It accelerates your ability to infuse precision and speed into your decision making processes and customer interactions.

The Platform leverages and extends FICO’s industry-leading decision management tools for embedding business rules, analytics, optimization and adaptive control to automate and improve strategies. It encompasses the latest innovations in open source and cloud-based technologies to allow businesses of any size to apply customer-centric solutions easily and cost-effectively.

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  • decision-management-video-thumbFICO® Analytic Cloud: What is a Decision Management Solution?

Features & Benefits

Quickly Convert convert insights into actions

Add measurable improvement to your business decisions in weeks instead of years.

Accelerate application development,

Expedite your delivery of strategic solutionsby up to 10 times.

Streamline business processes

FICO® Decision Management Platform gives you the ability to optimize valuable resources by automating decisions.

Automate decision management

Realize an ROI of 20:1 or higher in the first year by putting the control of powerful decisioning tools in the hands of business leaders and users, instead of relying on IT.

Increase productivity

The Platform’s easy-to-use interfaces help businesses boost productivity by 40% to 50%.

Gain a competitive advantage with a one-stop solution

The Decision Management Platform is an end-to-end solution for Big Data analytics, visualization, reporting, business rules and modeling, providing a single solution for driving analytics to action. It reduces your time to change, helping you gain a greater competitive advantage earlier.

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